• The salary cap ceiling for the 2020 CFL season is $5,750,000 (increases $50,000 each year).
  • The salary cap floor is $5,150,000 (increases $50,000 each year).
  • Players on the injured list do not count towards the cap.
  • Player signing bonuses count against the salary cap regardless of any time spent on the injured list.
  • $0 to $100,000 is $1 fined for every dollar over the cap.
  • $100,001 to $300,000 is $2 fined for every dollar over the cap.
  • Greater than $300,000 is $3 fined for every dollar over the cap.
  • A team could also forfeit draft picks.
  • When a player is signing their first contract with a CFL team, that team must offer a one year contract with a team option to renew for a second year.
  • Option years are not eligible to be included once a player has completed their first contract.
This means any contract for the first year the player is in the CFL and for which they were paid for one regular season or playoff game.
Yes, these alternatives could include multiple one year contracts for three years with no option year as an example given in the CFL CBA.
The last year of the contract will expire on the second Tuesday in February following the close of the football season.
The termination clause can be changed to allow for payments after the contract has expired or to guaranteed a certain level of payment.
No, in fact a CFL club is prohibited by the CBA to put any term or condition into the SPC that prohibits disclosure of any or all terms or conditions of the SPC.
  • Any signing bonus is required to be paid within 72 hours of the date of the first regular season game of the CFL club.
  • If a performance bonus is earned during a game the agreed amount must be added to the players pay for the following week's game.
  • If a performance bonus is earned in the last regular season game it must be paid out within 48 hours of the date of the last game, including the post season, played by the CFL club.
  • If the SPC includes a bonus for being selected to an All Star Team and the player is named to such an All Star Team after the expiry of the contract the bonus will still be required to be paid to the player.
  • All players must be notified within 48 hours of the 21st day from and including the start of the training camp. All players who have their contracts terminated at this time will receive compensation equal to one regular season game.
  • Training camp must begin no later than 28 days prior to the club's first regular season game.
  • If a player does not permanently reside in the City where the training camp is held the club must provide reasonable living accommodations for the period that the player is attending the training camp.
  • Each non-veteran player who is still on the active roster, injured list or disabled list 2 days following the end of training camp are paid $300.
  • Clubs are responsible to provide reasonable meals during training camp to all players.
  • Players qualifying as 1 year veterans receive $525 per week, 2 year veterans receive $625 per week and 3 or more year veterans receive $725 per week. These players must be paid for a minimum of 3 weeks.
During 2014 it was $50,000 excluding all signing and performance bonuses. In 2015 it will be $51,000; in 2016 it is $52,000; in 2017 it is $53,000; in 2018 it is $54,000; in 2020 it is $65,000.
  • They must have been on the active roster, injured list or disabled list for at least 7 games in the immediate prior season or 8 games in any prior season.
  • Games includes only regular season or playoff games.
  • Only players on the active roster or injured list are eligible for post season payments.
  • First place in each division is paid a $3,400 bonus per player.
  • Each player in a Semi-Final game receives $3,400.
  • Each player in a Division-Final game receives $3,600.
  • Grey Cup loser gets $8,000 per player.
  • Grey Cup winner gets $16,000 per player.
Any player on the active roster or the injured list as of the Grey Cup receive a ring.
  • Canadian citizens at the time of signing the Player's first CFL Standard Player Contract or Practice Roster Agreement,
  • A Player classified as a National (formerly non-import) prior to May 31, 2014, or
  • A Player who was physically a resident of Canada for an aggregate period of 5 years prior to attaining the age of 18 years.
  • A Player cannot return to play prior to the expiration of the six games.
  • While on the injured list a player does not count against the salary cap.
  • Once a player is removed from the injured list their entire salary for the year once again counts against the salary cap.
  • A CFL club can activate a maximum of two Players from the six game injured list who have been on the list for 7 or more games without their salary for that period counting against the salary cap.
  • Any players other than stated above removed from the injured list will have their entire salary count against the salary cap.
  • No this was removed in the last CBA.
  • Notice of a released player is sent to all CFL clubs within 24 hours of the player's release.
  • Minimum compensation is $750 per week plus housing expenses unless they have already signed a Standard Player Contract.
  • After the day before the final cut-down day no player can be signed to a practice roster agreement and must be signed to a standard player contract.
  • It is $75 for a team imposed fine or half of what they would have been paid for 1 regular season game for a league imposed fine.
  • The league minimum $65,000 comes to roughly $3,611 per game. So the maximum fine would be $1,805 for a player making the league minimum.
They receive a travel allowance of up to $115 for each full or part day of travel.
Yes, at minimum they will receive $1,000 for moving expenses but could receive as much as $7,000 depending on which cities they are moving between.
  • Yes, they receive two tickets to their home games, including the Grey Cup.
  • For away games they can purchase up to 4 tickets at 50% of the sale price.
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